Want to Join us?


So, you’ve found our little hiding place on the massive interwebs and are wanting to join our merry little band? Well, you’re in the right place!

We don’t have many rules, but the few we do have can be found here, although we do adhere to a fairly strict 18+ guideline and you need to be willing┬áto use Discord┬áto communicate with us (don’t worry if you’re a little shy – we won’t force you to talk to us until you are comfortable), but you will be required to at least listen to us ramble during guild events.

We offer all prospective members a 14 day trial, for you (and us) to decide if you fit in with our crazy ways. (Under special circumstances we can extend the trial period if more time is needed.)

If you’re still happy to go ahead, please go and signup on our forum and apply at the top, and we’ll see where this journey takes us (hopefully together).